What It’s Like Under ISIS Rule: Insights From The Eyes Of Syrian People

What It’s Like Under ISIS Rule: Insights From The Eyes Of Syrian People
Kirkuk ISIS Kampflinie – Panzer Enno Lenze / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Living in a war-torn area is already a traumatizing condition, but living under the rule of a notorious terrorist group or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), for that matter, is another story.


In a recently released footage by the CNN, a woman records how it feels like living under the rule of ISIS. The 2:43-minute video underscores the daily horror that people, especially women, experience under the ISIS rule.

According to the woman, whose voice was electronically distorted to hide her identity, aside from the bombings that happen almost everyday, everyone’s freedom seemed curtail throughout ISIS-controlled area.

“Everyone’s left. Foreign ISIS fighters have set up checkpoints, taken the ID cards of Syrians and use them to flee to Turkey,” the women say on the video released by CNN Monday.

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At the first minute of the video, the women went to a shop to demonstrate the typical day under the ISIS rule. The two bought a hair-dying product for their personal needs. It was shown that images of women are all covered. Images of women even in each product have to be erased or have to be covered by permanent markers.

Women are also prohibited to walk or roam around the city alone. The women on the video claimed that taxi drivers caught with a lone woman would have to endure at least 30 lashes from the ISIS.

In a separate report published by the Public Radio International (PRI), not only was Syrian journalist Mezar Matar able to recount his experiences as a journalist in an ISIS-controlled country, he also shared some of the horrors he had to endure in order to escape from what he called as a country “paralyzed by fear.”

In the article, Matar said women are not exempted from the brutality of ISIS. He said women seen who are not wearing the Khimar are being punished. Executions in the streets happen almost everyday.

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