Li-Fi Technology: Everything You Need To Know

Li-Fi Technology: Everything You Need To Know

Everyone’s talking about the latest technology that claims to deliver Internet 100 times faster than the regular Wi-Fi. Let us have a deeper look at the Li-Fi technology.


What is Li-Fi and how does it work? Unlike Wi-Fi, which uses radio for data communication, Li-Fi will use LED lights. This new technology will give you high-speed Internet with the help of LED lights that can be found even in streetlamps. Why LED lights? While speaking to Scott Simon of NPR, Harald Haas, the man behind the technology, said, “LED lights are little electronic devices, a little bit like transistors. And it allows us to change the intensity, the brightness of the light, and these changes encode binary information – ones and zero – in a very, very fast, fast manner.”

He also believes that we are running into a spectrum crunch, which means the radio wave spectrum is getting overcrowded. The result of which is slow Wi-Fi at public places like airports and hotels where Internet is shared. As LED lights are not limited, this new technology is believed to solve speed problems.

This technology might have its limitations and drawbacks. As you know, light can be blocked by walls or other obstacles. But as NPR puts it, these drawbacks can be a blessing in disguise. Lightwaves do not pass through obstacles, so Li-Fi will make your system more secure than ever.

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Now, watch the man himself explain as well as demonstrate the technology.