LG’s Innotek Needs No Button for a Fingerprint Sensor

LG’s Innotek Needs No Button for a Fingerprint Sensor
LG G2 Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr cc
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While all high-end mobile phones need maximum security, which can only be assured by a fingerprint sensor, not all of them necessarily need a button to do that. LG’s Innotek is the first mobile of its kind to do away with the inconveniences of having a button acting as a fingerprint sensor.


According to Engadget, trying to access a fingerprint sensor on a mobile that has a specific button for it is such a hassle sometimes. For example, if the fingerprint scanner is a button situated on the front of the phone, it is just a perfect waste of the valuable screen space, which could have been devoted to some other more valuable feature. On the other hand, if it is somewhere in the back, one has to flip it in order to access it, which is again something that cannot be easily done if the phone is sitting front face-up on the counter.

LG Innotek has gotten rid of a button when it comes to fingerprint scanning and instead has installed the same underneath a designation portion of the mobile glass cover. This not only makes the sensor easy to reach but also makes it a lot more accurate, reports AndroidCentral. Moreover, because it is not being directly exposed to skin, no harm can some to the sensor due to excessive moisture or scratches, consequently extending its life span.

As to what prompted the team of LG to come up with such a dramatically advanced tech, this is what they had to say in the official press release: “LG Innotek expects that demand for fingerprint recognition technology will dramatically increase due to the expansion of the mobile payment market, has a plan to secure the new customer.”

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The Head of the company’s R&D Center, Changhwan Kim, further added: “We are concentrating on all our resources to the development of the differentiated technology based on the creation of customer values.”

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