LGBT Characters and Scripts In WWE? Stephanie McMahon Says They Are Ready To Raise Rainbow-Colored Flag

LGBT Characters and Scripts In WWE? Stephanie McMahon Says They Are Ready To Raise Rainbow-Colored Flag
Kane Megan Elice Meadows / Flickr cc
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Pat Patterson has long been known as one of the WWE greats, someone who carries a macho-like persona. He was one of the bruisers in the ring during his prime and his recent revelation came as a stunner to most.


The wrestling legend addressed his long-kept secret via personal memoir “Accepted.” He narrated how he kept the secret for the past 42-years. Patterson revealed he was gay in 2014 during the finale of WWE’s Legend’s House.

But the times have changed and the LGBT community are given more respect than before. Unlike the past “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” guideline, anyone can come out in the open and reveal his true identity.

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LGBTQ matches happening soon

In what is being billed as the WWE raising the rainbow-colored flag, WWE brand office Stephanie McMahon has broken barriers by announcing that LGBTQ characters will be added to future cards. The announcement made last Aug. 11 should be a big sigh of relief to stars who have kept that secret like Patterson.

“We will integrate LGBT characters into our programming,” Stephanie told NBC Out. “And I do think there will be an opportunity to integrate some of those storylines in the near future.”

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New storylines not necessarily new

With the incorporation of the LGBTQ storylines, doing so may not be that surprising. It has been done before.

As Hollywood Life narrates, it was previously based on inventive costumes. One star who did that before was Cody Rhodes with his “Dashing” persona. After breaking his nose in 2011, he wore a specially designed protective mask, proof that it may all fall at the hands of the WWE creative team.

Going back further, there have been different WWE legends to do the same. There was the “Adorable” Adrian Adonis, someone who rendered it out perfectly with the feathers, glitters and rainbows.

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  • Mitt Zombie

    Pleas fat Stephanie, you have been mocking gay people for decades? Remember Billy and CHuck’s wedding?