LG Watch Urbane Now Compatible With iOS, But In A Limited Way

LG Watch Urbane Now Compatible With iOS, But In A Limited Way
LG Watch Urbane LTE Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0

LG Watch Urbane comes with a bunch of exciting features and is now also compatible with iOS. Read on to know what this Android wear has in store for you.

LG Watch Urbane is without a doubt one of the best smartwatches available today. This premium watch which was earlier sold for $349 has now dropped its price to $279. The good news is that this is now compatible with iOS.


Does it work? Oh yes, of course! But in a limited way. Here’s how it works and how it does not – You can get notifications on your LG Watch Urbane but you cannot do anything else with your notifications. If you are a watch face fan, then this smartwatch is about to disappoint you as you will not be able to install neither watch faces nor third-party apps from your iOS device. You can sync your smartwatch with the iPhone only if you have iOS 8.2 or a higher operating system.

Listed below are some of the features of LG Watch Urbane that you probably do not know about.

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Helps you locate your phone

LG Watch Urbane can help you to locate your missing phone with the help you of a third-party app. So download any of the apps you are comfortable with and do not worry about your phone going missing all of a sudden.

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Listen to music offline

Just like you do on your smartphone or MP3 player, you can store MP3s on your Urbane watch. If you actively use Google Play Music, you can transfer music to your watch with the help of “Download to Android Wear” option on the app. You can easily listen to music offline on your watch as well.

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Read and reply to emails

With the help of apps, you can read as well as reply to emails from your LG Watch Urbane. In case there are emails you need to reply to immediately and there is no laptop or desktop nearby, you will not have to wait till you get back home.

LG Watch Urbane is truly a smart watch, and who knows – maybe it will support iOS completely.