LG Set To Contest Samsung With Flagship LG G5, Expected To Release At MWC 2016

LG Set To Contest Samsung With Flagship LG G5, Expected To Release At MWC 2016
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Several phones from various brands are expected to launch in February, and the LG G5 is one of them. It appears that LG is set to contest its contender, Samsung, with the G5 flagship model at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year.


The MWC event kicks off on Feb. 22 in Barcelona. LG has already sent out official press invitations to people for the launch event. “A day ahead of the official opening of the MWC, LG plans to unveil a new flagship mobile via a press event,” said an executive at the LG Electronics.

Last year, LG opted out of the world’s largest annual mobile convention show in Barcelona to avoid Samsung’s attempt to all the limelight with the unveiling of its flagship model. This time around, LG has a strategy to take over the South Korean tech giant’s new S7 release with the upcoming flagship G5.

After releasing LG G4 at the end of April last year, LG’s market analysts found out that the G4 models could not perform as well as the G3 models. Accepting the challenge to recuperate the loss, the electronics company started focusing on high-end devices like the new V10. However, sales of the V10 were not so impressive either.

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Considering LG’s staggering foothold in the competitive market with not-so-successful products like the G4 and V10, the company assigned Cho with major responsibilities of determining marketing strategies.

Bernstein Research’s Mark C. Newman says, “The reason why Cho has been given a second chance, despite his controversial ability, was that LG’s upcoming flagship mobile device seems to have great potential, raising expectations that the G5 will be qualitatively different than those manufactured by its Chinese rivals,” reports Korea Times.

Multiple leaks suggest that the LG G5 will come with a fully metallic body and will have altered designs compared to past G-series devices. In addition to this, the new model is expected to be narrower and taller than its predecessor, reports GSM Arena. As for the price, the flagship model comes at a tentative price tag of $900, reports LG G5.