LG G5 Secondary Screen Confirmed, A Dual Camera System Is Expected

LG G5 Secondary Screen Confirmed, A Dual Camera System Is Expected
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For a while, the media has been plagued by leaked reports on the LG G5, which is yet to arrive during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this month. Recent news by the famous leakster, Evan Blass, created quite a stir in the media when he wrote about the possibility of a secondary screen on the device.


The post confirming the news of LG G5 secondary screen on Twitter was met with several responses from users. One of the users even wanted to know if the secondary screen will be v10 style, which was not answered.

While fans are waiting in anticipation for the phone to arrive soon, Pocket Now notes that the device is a departure from its previous G-series iterations, and will incorporate new surprises. The LG V10 was the first LG phone to have introduced a second screen and now the tech firm plans to install the same feature on the LG G5. LG X Screen, which is another phone by the company set for launch during MWC, will also carry the secondary screen. Click here to learn more about LG’s X-series.

According to Phone Arena, the LG G5 will sport a dual-lens camera system featuring two camera sensors. So, how will the dual-lens function? Using the option, users can change focus of an image that has been taken. In addition, the feature helps to create sublime effects to captured images or remove unwanted objects from a picture. The utmost possibility lies in taking pictures with the two camera lenses working at different focal lengths. This will help in maximum zoom functions for better shots.

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It is worth noticing that the LG G5 will have a touch-enabled quick cover allowing you to take and dismiss call by tapping on the phone cover without having to open it. “Always-on” is another interesting feature that deserves special mention. Read this.