Levitating Cars In China Caught In Video

Levitating Cars In China Caught In Video

A video emerged from China showing cars mysteriously floating in the air. The shocking phenomenon set social media abuzz about theories of levitation that may explain why the cars rose above the ground. Some say it was an unseen force that caused the cars to hover above the ground. Some say it was witchcraft.


A surveillance video posted on YouTube shows three cars levitating from a busy intersection in a major road in China. The cars rose in the air for a brief moment. One of the cars landed back on the ground sideways. People who witnessed the incident were shocked and tried to run from the scene, afraid of an unknown force that could also be threatening to their lives. Thousands shared the footage online. One video seen by Morning News USA was viewed by more than 100,000 people.

Levitation is a phenomenon explained by psychokinesis. Objects, people and animals are lifted into the air without visible physical means. The phenomenon has been widely associated with trances, mystical beings and demonic possession.

But the levitating cars in China, as CNN found out, was caused by a fallen cable wire tangled up in the street cleaner truck parked at the right side of the street, hence creating a tripwire that caused the levitating effect caught on tape.

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“I was driving slowly straight ahead. All of a sudden, I was lifted up,” a driver of one of the cars told Chinese media, as reported by CNN. “The street cleaner car snagged on the wire. The wire just so happened to be underneath our car ant it sent us flying,” the driver revealed.