Lesbian Brokeback Mountain Remake: Emma Watson, Margot Robbie On Board?

Lesbian Brokeback Mountain Remake: Emma Watson, Margot Robbie On Board?
Margot Robbie alien_artifact / Flickr cc
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A Lesbian Brokeback Mountain, with Margot Robbie of the ‘Suicide Squad’ fame and Emma Watson, has been announced and the film is set to hit the theatres in 2017, according to rumours. While Robbie would be stepping into Heath Ledger’s shoes, Emma Watson would take on Jake Gyllenhaal’s.


It was rumoured that the film will be dealing with the storyline of the original movie that was released 12 years ago and that both the actresses are very excited about being a part of the project. It was also claimed that the makers have already targeted the Boxing Day for launching the first trailer.

“As an Australian actor, this obviously means a lot to me. I hope to do the Heath Ledgers’ role justice,” Robbie allegedly said at a press conference.

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However, it was later found out to be nothing more than rumours and that no such plans for a lesbian Brokeback Mountain have been confirmed yet. The news was first posted on The Portly Gazelle, but the website comes with a disclaimer that states that all of its content is satirical, Snopes.com reported.

“All stories on this site are satire and the opinions expressed do not belong to any real people. If persons appear in the picture they have nothing to do with the story,” stated the disclaimer.

However, after the news broke on the social media it created a lot of excitement, the Hollywood.com reported.

“Wait.. #brokeback2 starring @EmWatson and @MargotRobbie ?! For real ?! That would be awesome!!!!! *starting to prepare popcorn and nachos*” a user tweeted after the word spread on the social network.

While another wrote, “A lesbian remake of Brokeback Mountain with @MargotRobbie and @EmWatson? Oh my god yes.”

Some people were not very pleased with the news of a lesbian remake of the Oscar-winning movie.

“Why cant woman have new stories? It feels like women dominated films are all just remakes of films about men?!” wrote a user.

“Please someone tell me that what I’ve read about a #BrokebackMountain remake with Margot Robbie and Emma Watson is just a rumour,” a user tweeted.

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