Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Oscar From Russia

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Oscar From Russia
Day Donaldson / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Since his first Oscar nomination in 1993 for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Oscar after 23 years and 8 nominations.


On his 9th ticket to the Academy Award, will “The Revenant” actor finally bring home the title? All of his fans around the globe are wishfully thinking that 2016 is Leonardo DiCaprio’s year. However, Leo’s Russian fans cannot take it any longer, so they made a way to send Leo his own Oscar straight from Russia.

The Washington Post reports on Saturday that Leo is getting an Oscar trophy. At least, a hundred fans of Leonardo DiCaprio from Russia donated pieces of their jewelry to create a priceless Oscar for Leo. This fan-made Academy trophy is called the “Yakut Oscar,” the term derived from the fans’ place of origin, Yakutia. These jewelry donors asked to keep half of their donated possessions, the other half will be with Leonardo DiCaprio, making them connected to the actor, says Tatiana Egorova, instructor from the Arctic Institute of Arts and Culture.

It’s overwhelming for any actor to have fans as supportive as these people. Leo’s supporters are melting down beloved jewelries to show their love. “We have just started fundraising for the statue,” adds Egorova. The estimated cost for this Russian Oscar would be approximately 100,000 rubles or 1,300 U.S. dollars.

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The “Yakut Oscar” will look closely similar to that of the Academy Award’s golden trophy, but instead of a sword, Leo’s silver Oscar holds a golden “Choron,” a goblet that symbolizes peace, says TASS. After 2 decades of an Oscar still being aloof to Leo’s hands, fans are sympathizing with the actor and have been creating ways to support their idol.

Win or lose this year, Leonardo DiCaprio still brings home a memorable prize. Though everyone is still keeping fingers crossed for an announcement that will make history in Leo’s life forever. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Awards night will be on February 28, Saturday.