Leonardo DiCaprio: 5 Reasons He Should Win The Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio: 5 Reasons He Should Win The Oscar
Photo Credit: davidmulder61 via Compfight cc
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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s actors who at this point still hasn’t enjoyed a single Oscar. But 2016’s turn of events for “The Revenant” star is potentially hinting to be Leo’s year. Will he finally get a hold of an Academy Award this year? Here are 5 reasons why he should.


Leonardo DiCaprio should get an Oscar because:

He already won 2 Best Actor awards in a month.

Leo for “The Revenant” managed to bag the Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture from the 73rd Golden Globe Awards last January 10, and the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Movie from the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards last January 30. CNN emphasized that Leo got a standing ovation when his name was called. He’s practically plucking the top awards this year.

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He won the SAG for the first time after 9 attempts.

Leo winning a SAG is his first time. This may be the reason his BFF Kate Winslet can’t get enough of him during the ceremonies. The friends from “Titanic” were basically inseparable last Sunday, and according to E!, they looked “so cute, it was ridiculous.” DiCaprio was nominated 9 times in the same category for different films prior to this, but 2016 has been good to him.

He waited more than 2 decades for an Oscar.

The 41-year-old actor got his first Academy Award nomination in 1993 for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Arnie in the movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Twenty-two years and 5 nominations later, he still hasn’t tasted the Oscar. If his 19-year-old self couldn’t get it, maybe now is the time.

He’s nominated… again.

While Leo has enjoyed his win from the Golden Globes and SAGs, he has also been nominated in several other award-giving bodies for “The Revenant,” and this year, he’s nominated for an Oscar.

He’s white and the Oscars like that.

In as much effort to put no puns for this one, it’s timely that #OscarsSoWhite happened, and that means Leo has a fighting chance. And if in case he doesn’t win, it’ll be hard for the Academy to answer why he lost, the same way it is hard for them to put diversity on the list of nominations. You deserve this, Leo, just as much as everyone else.