Legislators In South Carolina To Decide On Confederate Flag’s Fate By Thursday

Legislators In South Carolina To Decide On Confederate Flag’s Fate By Thursday
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Legislators in South Carolina will decide this week whether the Confederate flag should be permanently removed from the state Capitol grounds as lawmakers are expected to formulate a plan about it upon their return to Columbia, news said.


South Carolina legislature is expected to rule on the flag’s fate on Monday as the General Assembly resumes at 10:00 to tackle bill S. 897 which calls for the flag’s removal from public view and its transfer to “relic room,” MSNB reports.

Supporters of the bill need two-thirds majority of votes or 30 and up to have it passed on to the House, where it needs another two-thirds of majority or 75 votes and up before the bill can finally land on Gov. Nikki Haley’s desk. News said the process would be completed by Thursday.

The Confederate flag has sparked recent controversy after a young man shot to death 9 black churchgoers while having a prayer service at the historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17. The culprit, Dylann Roof, was known to have driven a car with a plate bearing the Confederate flag.

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Days following the racist crime, four governors, including Gov. Haley, called on the removal of the Confederate flag from their respective capitol grounds and from the motor vehicle plates.

Among the presidential racers, Democrat forerunner Hillary Clinton condemned not just the racist massacre, but also the display of Confederate flags, saying the flag has no place in America. But some Republicans lawmakers backed down when asked on how much of the Confederate symbols appearing on objects such as the statue of Jefferson Davis should be removed.

From the business sector, Wal-Mart was the first to respond to Gov. Haley’s call on boycotting the flag and made a public announcement it will no longer sell merchandises bearing the controversial flag. Following Wal-Mart’s move were Amazon, eBay and Sears.

But State Senator Lee Bright started an online petition urging fellow supporters of the Confederate flag to express continued patronage, saying the flag symbolizes resistance against “federal, centralized power that far overreached its constitutional limits.”


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    The Confederate battle flag will never go away. Sorry, hate it for ya’.