‘LeBron James’ On Tristan Thompson: Contract Delay Is A Distraction

‘LeBron James’ On Tristan Thompson: Contract Delay Is A Distraction
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“LeBron James” desires to have Tristan Thompson back in the roster immediately. The prolonged negotiation between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Thompson, according to All-star James has become a distraction.

James’ call to the Cavs management is get it done. “Get it done!!!!” in post on Instagram on Saturday night.


“It’s kind of like the elephant in the room all over, for everybody,” James said on Sunday. “Hopefully some resolve can happen sooner than later. You know, obviously, we continue to say, I continue to say how his value to us is extreme, as we saw last year in the postseason, throughout the season.

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“I’m not here to talk about numbers, things of that nature, because that’s for them, for both sides to figure out. The last thing you need is a distraction when you try to make a championship run. And we have that right now. And it’s unfortunate for both sides that we’re going through it right now as a team. It’s not an excuse, we will be ready to go but hopefully something happens in the near future.”

James and Thompson, both appeared in the wedding of Todd Leebow, a mutual friend on Miami on Sunday. Rich Paul the agent who represents both also was present. James also posted a photo with Thompson in Instagram on Sunday after spending the most of the day with him.

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Recently, Thompson is eyeing a three year-$ 53 million deal from the Cavs.