LeBron James Leads Cavs To Tie Final Series 1-1

LeBron James Leads Cavs To Tie Final Series 1-1
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LeBron James failed to win it for the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 1 of the NBA final series, despite scoring career final-playoff high 44 points. But on Sunday he notched up a triple-double to guide the Cavs to tie the final series 1-1. The Cavs won 95-93 against Golden State Warriors in overtime at Oakland.


Cleveland started with a depleted roster at the Oracle Arena, with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving sidelined due to injury. It was left on LeBron James to lift David Blatt’s side against the best side of the competition so far, Golden State Warriors. And the Cavs’ All-star rose to the occasion to return with 36 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists in 50 minutes.

“I tried to give it all to my teammates. And they do a great job of giving it back to me. Total team effort,” said James, after the game. “To be back in the same position we were in three days ago and to come back and even the series is big time.”

James scored 15 of 35 from the floor, and faded away as the game progressed. The Cavs collapsed in the final quarter allowing Stephen Curry to bring back the Warriors to lead 93-92 and drag the game to the overtime for the second time in the series.

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Drama awaited at the OT, as James Jones missed a 3 pointer and Dellavedova was fouled after he grabbed the rebound.

“That’s the classic thing you practice as a kid growing up,” Dellavedova said. “I felt like I’ve been in that situation a million times before.”

Dellavedova scored of both free throws to put the Cavs up and James extended the lead. This is the first final game victory for the Cavs in their franchise history.

Game 3 is on Cleveland on Tuesday.