LeBron James Pledges Support For Hillary Clinton

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LeBron James, the reigning NBA champion and Finals MVP, has pledged his support for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


On Sunday, James spoke to reporters after a Cleveland Cavaliers practice session and stressed on his reasons for supporting Clinton over Donald Trump, the Republican candidate.

“Well anytime I do something, I always say I like to put it in writing form so it’s not, it can never be interpreted the wrong way,” said the four-time MVP.

“It (those thoughts) can’t be uninterrupted, and those are my words and there’s no way you can depict it or try to say those are my words or those are my feelings.

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“I put it in writing so there’s no way you can kind of (misinterpret the meaning). You get a great understanding of how I feel, so I like to do it that way,” said James, while explaining his reason to support Clinton.

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LeBron James not a fan of Trump

In recent years, James has transcended from sportsperson extraordinaire to social activist and philanthropist.

Many have praised the work done by the LeBron James Foundation, which is sending tens of thousands of children to university in the region of Akron, Ohio.

Therefore, James’ opinions on political and social issues are always well received.

James, a strong supporter of Barack Obama, felt that Clinton was the perfect candidate to “build on the legacy” left behind by the outgoing President.

“We’ve (Hillary & I) become really good friends and from Day 1 I just always liked his vision, especially from a community standpoint,” said the three-time NBA champion.

“And I believe Hillary can continue that legacy that Barack has done for the last eight years. You guys know how important my community service is, especially in my hometown. That’s a main point for me,” added James.

The Cavaliers forward rued the fact that he won’t be able to meet Clinton, scheduled to appear in James’ hometown on Monday, due to Cleveland’s ongoing preseason routine.

“I know she’s actually in my hometown today, and because we have two practices today I won’t be able to attend that, but we’ve been in communication about doing something and we’ll figure it out,” said James.

“Obviously, my letter going out, it said enough if I’m not able to accomplish that. You know who I’ll be voting for.”

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will begin their NBA championship defense during the regular-season opener against the New York Knicks on Oct. 26.