Leaked Suicide Squad Trailer Reveals Slipknot Playing Crucial Role

Leaked Suicide Squad Trailer Reveals Slipknot Playing Crucial Role
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New spoilers for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie reveals that there will be a new villain that would join Harley Quinn and Deadshot – Slipknot. Also known as Christopher Weiss, the character will be portrayed by actor Adam Beach of “Law & order: Special Victim’s Unit.” In fact, Slipknot will play a crucial role in the movie.


DC Comics is set to release two movies this 2016 which got comic book fans anticipating for spoilers. As reported by Morning News USA, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will showcase a darker Bruce Wayne. On the other hand, Suicide Squad also released a brand new spoiler for anticipating comic book fanatics out there.

As reported by Cinema Blend, a not-so-famous DC character will be featured in the upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie. Apart from Harley Quinn and Deadshot, the master of ropes, Slipknot, will make his debut in the movie. Adam Beach portrays Christopher Wiess, the real identity of Slipknot. Furthermore, it was also revealed that he will be one of the criminals Amanda Waller sought after to join her team of menaces.

During an interview, Beach revealed several facts about his character. He stated, “My version is basically a guy who’s just pissed off to be there, he’s an angry boy. But ya know, he’s like everybody else, he is a hired mercenary, assassin killer, so you know that playing the right money and he’ll get the job done.” He added, “And as long as I kept that nature about him that he can in any minute hang you with his ropes or stab you in the back, he is a worse as the Joker and Deadshot and Harley Quinn, that’s the beauty of it, we all filled the shoes of these villainous characters that are hired killers and now we’re asked to go and save the day in some shape or some form, how do you contain that?! Do you know what I mean?!”

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Furthermore, Beach revealed that his Slipknot will look different from that from the comic books, since when he will not be wearing spandex for the “Suicide Squad” movie.

In other news, Movie Pilot reports that the movie’s second trailer reveals that the topless Joker will be diving into a chemical tank to pull Harley Quinn out. This incident shows the transformation of Harley Quinn from Dr. Quinzel.

Although the trailer shows that Harleen Quinzel and June Moone are both doctors, the source speculates that the Joker may release the Enchantress via torture and escape Arkham.

Do you think the movie will retain the original scope of the DC Comics, or will director and writer David Ayer spray his own magic on the movie? Catch Suicide Squad in theaters this August 5, 2016.