Leaked Memo Advises Candidates’ Reactions Over Possibility Of Donald Trump Victory

Leaked Memo Advises Candidates’ Reactions Over Possibility Of Donald Trump Victory
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

The campaign arm of Senate Republicans is preparing for the possibility of real estate mogul Donald Trump outracing his contenders in the GOP presidential elections.


According to the Washington Post, the executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), Ward Baker, wrote a memo wherein he advises how his party’s Senate candidates would react should Trump emerge victorious in the elections. Calling Trump a “misguided missile … subject to farcical fits,” the advise in the memo is largely critical of the real estate mogul. “You’re running for the US Senate so focus on that,” Ward said. “Don’t get drawn into every Trump statement and every Trump dust-up. Keep the focus on your own campaign and the voters back home.”

The memo also sheds light on Trump’s comments about women. “Houston, we have a problem: Donald Trump has said some wacky things about women,” the memo says. “Candidates shouldn’t go near this ground other than to say that your wife or daughter is offended by what Trump said.”

There have been memos written on every Democratic and Republican candidate, according to the NRSC. These memos were shared in confidence with trusted Republican advisors. Spokeswoman for the committee, Andrea Bozek, said, “It would be malpractice for the Senatorial committee not to prepare our candidates for every possible Republican and Democrat nominee and election scenario.”

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According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, Trump has the most support (27 percent), followed by Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

However, the memo did praise Trump’s efforts as well. According to Business Insider, the memo commended Trump’s style. “Trump is saying that the Emperor has no clothes and he challenges our politically correct times,” the memo read. “Our candidates shouldn’t miss that point. Don’t insult key voter cohorts by ignoring that America has significant problems and that Trump is offering some basic solutions. Understand the populist points Trump makes and ride that wave.”

In November, when he appeared on ABC’s “This Week,” Trump was asked about the guerilla effort undertaken by operatives within the Republican party to derail Trump’s candidacy. “I’m going to have to see what happens. I will see what happens. I have to be treated fairly,” he said. “When I did this, I said I have to be treated fairly. If I’m treated fairly, I’m fine. All I want to do is [have] a level playing field.”


  • Dave Francis

    It was last
    Tuesday Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) has commenced
    legislation to contain the exploitation of temporary work visas and disallow
    “the replacement of American workers by H-1B or L-1 visa holders.” This is a
    bipartisan bill S 2266 would give supplementary authority to the Labor
    Department to punish falsified or abusive conduct and would limit larger IT
    companies from applying for H-1B visas if more than half of their workers are
    already on H-1B or L-1B visas.

    This New legislation will
    prohibit businesses from dismissing trained American workers and then replacing
    them with foreign H-1B and L-1 visa workers.

    This will assist in
    solving the disgusting status quo, in which tens of thousands of high-skilled
    American workers are being displaced by cheap imported labor annually. In
    addition they are deliberately abusing the visa system, as it’s found that many
    companies have even been blackmailing American workers into training their
    foreign replacement and then threatening them not to discuss their terminations
    with the media.

    Once Donald Trump is inaugurated as President there would
    be a massive reorganization in every agency, removing the ones that are non
    essential to the running of government. Probably first on the list will the
    archaic Department of Education and return it to control back to the individual
    states as originated. The EPA Environmental Protection Agency will be run by
    the states, so that the overreach of government abundant rules and regulation
    can be restrained, which is a continuously derogatory to the business world.

    Donald Trump keeps rising because
    voters see him as genuine, pro-sovereignty, unswerving, solid, — and trust him
    because the wealthy and unique interests cannot buy his allegiance.

    Illegal immigration will be brought
    eventually to an abrupt halt, by the Trump wall going up along the Southern
    border, creating safer surroundings for land owners, US Border Enforcement, and
    the limited resources of county Sheriffs. Land areas in Arizona appropriated by drug cartels, skin
    traffickers and other criminal activity will leave or be eliminated by most
    likely armed National Guard.

    The interior of our country
    controlled by ICE agents will operate MANDATORY E-VERIFY system a program to
    evaluate who is authorized to work and who hasn’t proved their right to work in
    the United States and its protectorates. Without
    mitigating circumstances business owners who ignore could/would have their
    business license revoked, a heavy penalty, and even time behind bars. Once business
    owners no longer have the shield of politicians who are the purchased puppets
    of U.S. Chamber of Commerce, corporate and special interests, they have no
    protection or immunity.

    Mandated E-Verify is a stringent
    alternative to trying to amend the Birthright Citizenship law that most likely
    would be a drawn out war in the courts. So even though Donald Trump would
    proceed with repealing this part of the 14th Amendment and the Anchor Baby law
    Mandatory E-Verify could have a fast track through the federal courts. Most
    industrialized nations have ended Birthright citizenship to illegal alien women
    other then Canada and the US.

    TIPSHEET https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases

    The Corruption
    Files on the Judicial Watch site, does not hide the truth about corruption, or
    make any distinction on the federal payroll, or any level of government.
    Judicial Watch motto is “Nobody is above the Law.” Although personally I believe Barack Obama,
    Hillary Clinton and many other politicians think they can walk all over the
    Constitution and the people. That also goes for many in the Republican
    Establishment including Bush who can also be guilty taking bribes from wealthy
    donors. This government under Obamas rules and regulation has shown it to be
    utterly trustworthy.

    The mainstream Progressive Liberal Press is going to exaggerate the
    truth, outright lie or just omit bits of the presidential statement.

    Judicial Watch Sues Treasury for Records on Hillary
    Clinton-Russian Uranium Scandal — Judicial
    Watch announced that it filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the
    District of Columbia seeking communications between the U.S. Department of the
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    Illegal Aliens Sue to Drive, Claim Discrimination of “Disfavored Minority
    Group” — Borrowing
    a play from the Obama administration’s extensive race-card repertoire, illegal
    immigrants claim in a federal lawsuit that a ballot measure denying them
    driver’s licenses is discriminatory because it’s based on… READ MORE.

    Judicial Watch Files New Lawsuit for Clinton’s Benghazi Emails on behalf
    of Dr. Larry Kawa — Judicial Watch
    announced that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit
    against the Department of State seeking all records of communications between
    former Secretary of State Hillary… READ MORE.

    Judicial Watch Seeks Federal Court Injunction against Secret Service for
    Records of Obama and VIP Security Costs for Travel — Judicial Watch announced that
    it filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District
    of Columbia against the U.S. Secret
    Service for failing to respond to 19… READ MORE.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes and eyes, with this smug
    Immigration Chief Sarah Baldana today sat before an immigration, criminal and
    deportation committee of Jeff Sessions, and Senator Ted Cruz. She showed her
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    heinous crimes. For me the Kate Steinle murder in Sanctuary
    City California is
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