Leaked McDonald’s Document Says Android Pay Is Rolling Out Today

Leaked McDonald’s Document Says Android Pay Is Rolling Out Today
Android Lineup – Beige Rob Bulmahn / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Android Pay was expected to be released a few weeks later, but a document has accidentally leaked from McDonald’s suggesting that this digital payment system will be rolling out on Android smartphones from today.


Android Pay was earlier rumored to be launching with Google’s latest Android Marshmallow.

Can we believe the leaked document?

This document also has a release date for Samsung Pay which is incorrect. So how credible this document is and whether it should be believed or not is not known. Android users better keep checking their smartphones to confirm the news.

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How does Android Pay work?

All digital payment systems work just the same. Right now, no payment system offers you something the other brand is not offering. The only thing with these systems is that now your smartphone will do your plastic card’s job. All you need to do is store your card details on your phone, unlock your phone when needed and tap on it on a terminal. And you are sorted! Excellent idea, isn’t it?

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Why was the document with McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is said to be Android Pay’s largest partner and will be the first retailer to avail the service.

This is what the internal McDonald’s notice says: “This month, customers will be able to start using Samsung and Android mobile devices to pay for their orders… Android Pay begins August 26. Service procedures are the same as with Apple Pay.”

Google has not yet commented on the news, but Samsung has confirmed that Samsung Pay will be launched on September 28.