Leaked: Galaxy S7 Price, Color Options; Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Size Revealed

Leaked: Galaxy S7 Price, Color Options; Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Size Revealed
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Galaxy S7 is few days away from its launch. The much awaited and most talked-about phone of 2015 will finally be shown on February 21st, just before the Mobile World Congress 2016. It has become a trend to leak details about brand’s flagship phones right before the launch. Anyways, the latest leak has revealed Galaxy S7 price and color options.


To compete with the iPhone, Galaxy S7 price is going to be priced less than that of the iPhone. Reports suggest that the 32GB model of Galaxy S7 will cost €699; whereas 32GB S7 Edge will cost you €799. If this turns out to be true, the rumors regarding Samsung charging less than its last flagship phone for the S7 series is spot on.

According to Evan Blass, the serial tech leaker, Galaxy S7 is going to be available in three colors: White, Black, and Gold. Where white and black are common colors for smartphones, Gold is something that calls for attention. iPhone Rose Gold, Galaxy S7 Gold: This is why Samsung adopting the gold color for its upcoming phone is very much possible. Samsung has always been blindly following Apple. This time is no different. Here is Evan Blass’ tweet for you:

Other than the Galaxy S7 price and color options, Galaxy S7 Edge’s battery size has also been revealed. According to a report published by Android Central, “Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will have quite a large battery, according to FCC documentation. It seems that the phone will sport a 3,600mAh battery, a large increase over the 2,600mAh battery found in last year’s Galaxy S6 edge.” The report further said that “This information comes from the FCC’s label location document, which details where a device’s FCC certification ID will be placed. The FCC e-label for the Galaxy S7 edge will be found on the device’s Battery info screen.”