Latino Celebrities Become Anti-Trump, Anti-Republican

Latino Celebrities Become Anti-Trump, Anti-Republican
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

They have had enough, and they are going to say something about it. Prominent Latino celebrities have released an open letter to the Latino Community to stand up against GOP presidential candidates and their bias against their community.


This year, celebrities including Benjamin Bratt, Ivonne Coll, America Ferrera, Dolores Huerta, George Lopez, Aubrey Plaza, Zoe Saldana and Carlos Santana have come together to release an open letter to the Latino community, telling them that “neither Trump nor any of his fellow Republican candidates meet the standard” when it comes to finding a future president that support their community, share their values and “fight for working families.” For them, GOP presidential candidates’ stands on immigration has been too much the handle. They believe they all “crossed a line.”

At the same time, this group of influential celebrities have never forgotten that the trouble started with Donald Trump. After all, he accused Mexicans of being rapists and then decided to kick reporter Jorge Ramos (coincidentally, an immigrant born in Mexico City) out of his press conference. Following Trump’s controversial Mexican tirade, celebrities believe that other candidates started following his lead in pushing for an “anti-immigrant, anti-Latino agenda.” They absolutely do not appreciate Jeb Bush’s use of the term “anchor babies” or Marco Rubio’s plan to rule out “any path to citizenship or legal status” if he gets nominated.

Emmy-winning Ferrara believes GOP candidates are simply using “xenophobia and fear-mongering” as a political platform. On the other hand, civil rights leader Dolores Huerta said, “It sickens me to hear them paint immigrants as terrorists.”

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Meanwhile, legendary guitarist Carlos Santana said Trump and other candidates should encourage “integration and total acceptance of everyone on this blessed planet” instead.

He urged them, “It’s never too late to graduate from the university of fear!”

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