Lana Jeavons-Fellows From ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Feels She Was Used

Lana Jeavons-Fellows From ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Feels She Was Used
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“The Bachelor Australia” might be finished now, but there is a lot going on in the lives of the participants. Runner-up of the show Lana Jeavons-Fellows has finally spoken up to media. She mentioned that she feels used by Sam Wood on the show.


Before the final rose ceremony, a steamy pool kiss was shown between Lana and Sam where Sam was shown touching her bottom while pulling her closer. According to Lana, the romance carried on and moved to another level after the camera was off. She said they were quite intimate during the late night pool episode and she could not believe that Sam chose Snezana over her.

According to a source, “Things got pretty steamy in the pool and they picked up after the cameras stopped rolling, when they had some privacy,” adding, “That’s why Lana’s so hurt – he was so affectionate with her in private, but then the next day, he’s all, “I’m in love with someone else”.”

The source also added, “She thinks he totally used her.” However, Lana did not utter such words during her interview. When asked if she thought Sam would choose her, she said, “Of course I did,” adding, “I’m an optimist. I think in the moment I was really composed and I was really surprised when I watched it last night.”

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Lana was hiding tears while uttering words about the show. However, she is a strong girl and knows how to move on. The 27-year-old mentioned, “I don’t think he is an actor and everything he felt and said and did in that moment was genuine. Ultimately he went with his heart and I respect that.” While she is not happy for herself, she said, “I’m happy for him.”

“The Bachelor Australia” is over and Sam Wood is having a great time with his lady love Snezana Markoski. The couple looks totally in love and we hope that continues for life.

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