LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio Spurs Both Adjusting To New Style

LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio Spurs Both Adjusting To New Style
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San Antonio Spurs dwells on quick-ball movements while on offensive mode. They acquired most sought-after free agent LaMarcus Aldridge in this off-season trade. Aldridge’s style of game differs in sharp contrast with the Spurs strategy.


But both ends are now adopting certain changes to gel better.

“LaMarcus will be different,” said R.C. Buford. “And we’ll be different than we were before LaMarcus. We have to figure out how LaMarcus will play within our group, and produce at levels that he’s capable of — and that are important to him, and to our success.” Buford is Spurs’ current GM.

Aldridge can add variations by countering small variations on the floor.

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Aldridge shot 51 percent when he held the ball for less than two seconds prior to jacking, and much less 42 percent when he held on to the ball much longer.

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“Shots taken off ball movement are more efficient than shots taken off ball stoppage,” Buford said. “That’s irrefutable. And it’s by enough of a margin that I don’t think it’ll be hard for Pop to say, ‘Move the ball.’”

Spur with Aldridge have a chance to become more spectacular in the coming season. They sacrificed and shared roster continuity to rope him in, and Aldridge, given the remarkable class he bears, is expected to fit in well.

“Nobody is more capable of adapting to a new group,” according to Spurs’ coach Steve Kerr on the Aldridge issue.

Aldridge can add new dimensions in the Spurs’ Duncan-centric action. He’s capable of making big-bang hits of the Spurs front-court.