Lamar Odom Exposed: Prostitute Reveals Everything, Including Khloe Kardashian Secrets!

Lamar Odom Exposed: Prostitute Reveals Everything, Including Khloe Kardashian Secrets!
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The prostitute who had spent time with Lamar Odom has disclosed new details which are shocking. Lamar Odom was involved in an accidental drug overdose incident a year ago at a brothel named ‘Love Ranch’ in Nevada.


Monica Monroe, a legal sex worker who works under Dennis Hof, has revealed in a blog post that Odom, 36 years old, was much more interested in “eating KFC” and having quality time than being physical with women.

According to Radar Online, Monroe’s post said, “No sex occurred while Lamar was at the Love Ranch. We talked, we laughed, and we shared our sorrows, but we didn’t have sex,” and added, “I took the opportunity to strip him naked and gave him a full body massage. I was determined to have my way with his ample sized penis, but he just couldn’t get it up.”

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Monroe has even claimed that they bonded over personal life struggles rather than physicality, as she wrote, “Lamar and I made a connection because we both were a little lonely due to recent losses in our lives: I had recently lost my boyfriend of eight years to a shooting and he was distraught over his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian

But Monroe’s career was threatened with Odom’s drug overdose which was frightening. She he talked about the confidentiality of their clients and how big names and entities crop up at Dennis Hof’s establishment.

Monroe confessed that, “After Lamar overdosed, it was perceived by many of my high-profile clients that I was no longer discreet, or that I was the type of person to ‘kiss and tell.’”

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Monroe has claimed that Dennis Hof may even sue the former NBA star over the ordeal : “I spoke with Dennis Hof numerous times about the negative impact this had on my business and he mentioned to me that he was considering suing Lamar for the damage done to Dennis’s reputation,”

Sadly in past five months, even after such an incident, Odom has been caught drinking and partying on multiple occasions. The ex-NBA star was thrown out of a plane after he had drunkenly puked on himself shortly before the take off.

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