Lakers Trade Rumors: Lakers May Trade Off Jordan Clarkson To Land Kevin Durant

Lakers Trade Rumors: Lakers May Trade Off Jordan Clarkson To Land Kevin Durant
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Lakers Trade Rumors: The Los Angeles Lakers are having an awful run this season. The team management is keen to re-build the side before the coming trade deadline. Rumors are growing louder that the Lakers will be trading off their promising point-guard Jordan Clarkson.


Despite his team’s continuous failures, Clarkson has been a silver lining on court. He is the man in form for the Lakers. The most consistent performer of the Lakers, Clarkson is averaging 15.9 points, 3.4 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and 1.1 steals in 32.2 minutes he featured per game. What makes Clarkson a trade option despite his decent form? The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to land Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant, former MVP. Trading off Clarkson would allow them to create more salary space.

Moreover, the Lakers also have a congested back court. They already have three guards, D’Angelo Russell, Lou Williams and Nick Young. Moreover, the Lakers are looking for a future Kobe Bryant following their legendary star’s announcement of retirement at the end of this season after 20 years in the NBA.

The Toronto Raptors are the most eager to sign 27-year-old Clarkson by trading off DeMar DeRozan. Stay tuned with more Lakers trade rumors from Morning News USA.

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