Lakers Rumors: Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love To Be Reunited?

Lakers Rumors: Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love To Be Reunited?
Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love playing for UCLA Wikipedia Commons CC BY 2.0

The Los Angeles Lakers, unable to attract significant talent via free agency, could potentially reunite former UCLA teammates Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love by making a few blockbuster trades.


The rumor isn’t far-fetched. Thunder are willing to explore trade offers for Westbrook since the superstar point guard is expected to bolt next year in free agency. Love was a non-factor in Cleveland’s run to the championship.

Who can Lakers offer for Russell Westbrook?

Fox Sports writer Rob Perez has proposed an interesting trade which would send a haul of D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Larry Nance and Lou Williams to Thunder for Westbrook.

Why would the Lakers do it? It’s simple: “Because there are plenty of D’Angelos, Randles, and Nances out there who will line up around the block to play for the Lakers with this galactic superstar under a long-term contract. There is only one Russell Westbrook,” writes Perzez.

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Russell Westbrook: 3 Possible Trades

A crew of ESPN insiders proposed a trade that would send Steven Adams and Westbrook to Los Angeles for a haul of Brandon Ingram, Russell, Randle, Lou Williams and Nick Young.

This trade would rob Lakers of all their future assets but would secure them an all-star caliber center and a franchise-changing talent. “Why would the Lakers insist on Adams? Because they would be giving up three high-upside players who are on below-market rookie contracts, while Westbrook would be free to leave the Lakers in 2017 if he wanted to,” reasons insider David Thorpe.

Who can Lakers offer for Kevin Love?

They don’t need to offer much. Remember, the Cavs would want to trade Love more than the Lakers would want to acquire him. Love’s trade value is an all-time low after a forgettable playoff run.

By trading Love for cap space or future draft picks, the Cavs can open up enough room to pursue Dwayne Wade or look to add LeBron James’ buddy Chris Paul in free agency next year. Since Love has four years left on his $113 million contract, the Cavs would prefer to get him off their books.

It could work perfectly for both teams.

If Lakers can secure Love, they would guarantee themselves of Russell Westbrook signing a long-term extension next summer. Westbrook would obviously prefer playing with his old buddy instead of a group of youngsters who may or may not blossom into all-stars.