Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles Acquiring Kevin Love, Dario Saric In Blockbuster Trade?

Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles Acquiring Kevin Love, Dario Saric In Blockbuster Trade?
Kevin LoveErik Drost/ Flickr cc
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What's This?

NBA training camp has started and the trade rumor mill continues to swirl. Big names are once again in mention like Kevin Love, D’Angelo Russell, and Nerlens Noel.


Love is at the Cleveland Cavaliers training camp but the long-running rumor about his possible move to other teams continues. The suggested trade scenario would see him moving to the Los Angeles Lakers where the Cavs would acquire Nerlens Noel, Jose Calderon and guard Lou Williams.

Speaking of Nerlens Noel, the Philadelphia 76ers are the third team in the mix. Aside from Love, the Lakers will also get Dario Saric from the Sixers while Philly ends up with D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young.

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Makes No Sense For The Los Angeles Lakers

Kevin Love is a proven commodity and could be a big help to the purple and gold. But with Julius Randle, Larry Nance Jr. and Brandon Ingram in the mix, it would have made more sense if the Lakers pitched one of the three.

Giving up the backcourt has doused credibility on the trade, according to Hoops Hype. If Russell and Williams move, it would leave only Jordan Clarkson to man the guard spot. Hence, the trade depreciates the backcourt no matter how inexperienced it looks.

Nothing New For The Cavs

For the Cavs, disrupting chemistry by adding Noel and dealing Love makes no sense as well. Love may not be the same all-star player he once was at Minnesota (Timberwolves) though it could be an investment moving forward.

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Adding Jose Calderon and Lou Williams could see on being eventually waived. Calderon is the one likely to be given the boot while Williams could still be of use offensively.

Philly Benefiting

Only one team seems to benefit from it all in the Sixers. The team needs a point guard to hold things together and Russell could do just that along with Nick Young.

Young is likely to be waived with Russell being the point of the trade to address the backcourt shortage of the Philadelphia 76ers.

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