Lakers Rumors: Lakers, Mavs Front-Runners To Sign Center JaVale McGee

Lakers Rumors: Lakers, Mavs Front-Runners To Sign Center JaVale McGee
Los Angeles Lakers Michael / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Both Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks are keen to sign center JaVale McGee.


McGee was last seen with Sixers, and the center struggled with leg injuries for the past two seasons. To secure a contract in either of these teams, he would have to prove his fitness and worth minutes on court.

Why Mavs And Lakers Are Showing Interest On McGee

The Lakers have already traded Roy Hibbert and have landed a handful of talented guys like Julius Randle or Robert Upshaw. For McGee it would be tough to feature on their roster.

The Mavericks on the other hand slipped DeAndre Jordan during the free agency signings and are desperate search for a center.

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They have picked up a couple serviceable back-ups, the likes of Samuel Dalembert and Zaza Pachulia. But the think-tank can’t visualize any long-term solutions with them. Now the Lakers have challenged them in the hunt of McGee, according to Basketball Insiders.

Dallas has a much thinner upfront in terms of talents. If McGee can stay fit, he could be a better choice at Mavs.

McGee has displayed exceptional talent in flashes, though not consistently yet. The center was plagued by injuries that took a toll in his career. Besides, there were some issues with the Denver Nuggets, though exactly what they were is still unknown.