Lakers Rumors: Kevin Durant Not Considering Team In Free Agency

Lakers Rumors: Kevin Durant Not Considering Team In Free Agency
Kevin Durant House of Hoops via Alexis Marcou / Flickr CC BY 2.0

There is bad news for Lakers fans hoping for Kevin Durant to replace Kobe Bryant next summer. The superstar forward has “little, if any chance” of sporting Purple & Gold, according to the latest Lakers rumors.


On Tuesday, Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski said on his podcast The Vertical that the Lakers were firmly out of the running in the Durant sweepstakes. “Durant has always been looking for reasons to stay. He adores the Oklahoma City community and holds a fondness for the franchise, but Durant is chasing championships, chasing a legacy.

“This limits his choices, leaving the Los Angeles Lakers with little, if any, chance,” said Wojnarowski, acclaimed scoop master.

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Do note that at this point all chatter is merely speculation. However, Wojnarowski is considered an extremely reliable source.

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Last week, ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith speculated on First Take that Durant could team up with Russell Westbrook in Lakers. Smith said something similar at the start of the season, too. However, there is little light in the Lakers future – the team is expected to miss the playoffs for a fourth consecutive time next season.

In pursuit of a championship….

For Durant is in a “win now mode.” The former MVP has only made NBA Finals on one previous instance – against the Miami Heat in 2012. Since that season, Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder have suffered a series of heartbreaking playoff exits coupled with serious injuries.

If Thunder can somehow upset the San Antonio Spurs or Golden State Warriors this coming post-season, there is strong possibility that Durant stays put in Oklahoma City. However, there are little chances of that happening.

Lakers fans need to stay optimistic. There is still a chance that they can acquire DeMar DeRozan and Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram over the summer.

Stay tuned for more Lakers Rumors and NBA Trade Rumors.

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