Lakers Rumors: Did D’Angelo Russell Snitch To Get Traded?

Lakers Rumors: Did D’Angelo Russell Snitch To Get Traded?
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Did D’Angelo Russell snitch on teammate Nick Young just so he could get traded by the Los Angeles Lakers? That’s the latest theory floating around Lakers scribes.


According to posters on Bleacher Report, Russell may have intentionally got himself into the predicament because he doesn’t see a future for himself in Los Angeles. Remember, the Lakers drafted Russell with the precious No. 2 pick ahead of the highly touted Jahlil Okafor, who slipped to Philadelphia 76ers.

On Tuesday, ESPN’s Baxter Holmes and Marc Stein sensationally revealed that Russell’s teammates were isolating him and are refusing to sit with the rookie during meals. “At a recent breakfast meeting, one source said, no Laker would sit with Russell at his table. The source added that, in another instance, Russell came into the locker room and sat next to guard Lou Williams, who got up and walked away,” revealed the shocking report.

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Isolating D’Angelo Russell…

“Right now. They’re (his teammates) handling it by isolating him.” One insider told ESPN, “This was a prank gone wrong and a mistake by [Russell], and he has to be held accountable, but I would hope he isn’t overly criticized for it.”

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It all started when celebrity gossip site Fameolous posted a video on Twitter last week. The video (watch below) showed Russell filming Young while he was watching television in a hotel room, responding to the point guard’s questions about women. Young has been engaged to musician Iggy Azalea for over a year. In the video, Young talks about having hooked up with a  teenager “after a club” during the season.

Will the Lakers trade D’Angelo Russell over the offseason?

Stay tuned for the full update on the developing story.

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