Lakers Must Trade Draft Pick For DeMarcus Cousins: ESPN Radio Hosts

Lakers Must Trade Draft Pick For DeMarcus Cousins: ESPN Radio Hosts
DeMarcus Cousins Michael Tripton / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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The Los Angeles Lakers should trade their top-3 protected draft pick for Sacramento Kings superstar DeMarcus Cousins, according to a few LA-based ESPN Radio hosts.


Kelvin Washington and Travid Rodgers, who host the popular Kelvin & Travis Show on ESPN LA, reckon that the Lakers should not think twice about trading either Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram or the No.3 pick for Cousins. Of course, the Lakers will know their fate on May 17 during the NBA Draft Lottery. If the Lakers fall out of the top-3, they lose their pick.

If they luck out during the lottery, certain teams could come calling with blockbuster offers. “We are just a few weeks away from the ping pong balls. Let’s say that hypothetically the Lakers get the No. 1 or No. 2 pick. That’s Simmons or Ingram. The Lakers will get on the phone and see if anybody wants that, right? Do they try to get a veteran guy?

Kelvin & Travis continued: “We’ve spoken about Boogie (Cousins) a million times. What if Brandon Ingram or Ben Simmons are really good…nice pieces but they are most likely going to be a second or third option. But Boogie is a flat out nightmare (for opponents). The Lakers will prefer Cousins.”

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DeMarcus Cousins out of Sacramento?

Recently, Kings reporter Ailene Voisin revealed that GM Vlade Divac will test the trade market for Cousins this offseason. “The sense within the organization is Divac is tempted by the prospect of pairing his center with his personally selected coach but that he has become increasingly frustrated by his center’s ongoing issues and, for the first time, is willing to test the market for the two-time All-Star,” Voisin wrote in the Sacramento Bee.

Since Cousins was drafted in 2011, the Kings have fired as many as five coaches, with George Karl being the latest victim. “Cousins has to go from Sacramento. How many coaches can they (Sacramento) go through before they realize that ‘it might not be the coach but it might be the guy’.

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‘Will look good in Purple & Gold’

According to Kelvin & Travis, Cousins needs a new home after six tumultuous seasons with the Sacramento Kings. “Clearly, Cousins is not happy in Sacramento. This deal (between Lakers and Kings) can work for all parties involved,” they said, before acknowledging that Lakers will have to find ways to work around Cousins’ mood swings.

“There are going to be moments when Cousins is difficult. There will be moments when he does DeMarcus Cousins things. But he’s also a legit NBA all-star. “The Kings can actually build around Ben Simmons instead of Cousins. Simmons is going to get people the ball and attract free agents.

Will Cousins join George Mikan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal as the next great Lakers center? “DeMarcus Cousins will look great in purple and gold,” they concluded.

Remember, there is a 44% chance Lakers don’t keep their top-3 pick. They have a 20% chance to secure the No. 1 pick. Will the Lakers secure the pick? If yes, must they trade it?

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