Lakers News: Roy Hibbert Lost 14 Pounds Since Start Of Offseason

Lakers News: Roy Hibbert Lost 14 Pounds Since Start Of Offseason
Los Angeles Lakers Michael / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Roy Hibbert is on a weight-losing spree this offseason. The Los Angeles Lakers star has consulted with his nutritionist about losing weight. Hibbert has lost 14 pounds and is keen on losing more. He has brought down his weight to 268 pounds.


The Golden State Warriors players’ run of success last season sparked Hibbert to become slimmer, hungrier for success. He noticed that NBA has become smaller and quicker.

“I saw how the trend was going with big guys in the NBA with how Golden State won,” he said. “I started changing a little bit.”

Hibbert sacrificed a chunk of his salary so that the Los Angeles Lakers could sign free agents Brandon Bass and Lou Williams.

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“In the long run, it was a no-brainer,” Hibbert said. “If I were to say I wanted my $2 million and the trade couldn’t get done, I would have been back in Indy and wouldn’t have gotten that $2 million anyway. I would have had to basically fight an uphill battle just to try and get on the court. Hopefully I can make that money up in the long run if I do well.”

Hibbert only took $100,000 of his $2.3 million trade kicker to help his franchise. Now he’s working out to lose weight on a mission to rediscover his game. Hibbert’s dedication could inspire the youngsters in the Lakers’ roster.

Recently, a confident Hibbert told Kobe Bryant that he is prepared to take charge of defense this coming season.

“I think he caught a lot of flak for no reason,” Hibbert said. “He was overseas in China, I guess for a while, doing what he was doing. He’s reached out to me and we talked.

“It was funny, I guess, looking back. Ten seconds. I just told him, ‘I’ll be ready on the defensive end to help whatever way I can.’ He was all about that. I will say that.”

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