Lakers Draft Pick: 3 Possible Trades

Lakers Draft Pick: 3 Possible Trades
April 13, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Kobe Bryant (24) is hugged by team mates after scoring a basket against Utah Jazz during the second half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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Mitch Kupchak, the Los Angeles Lakers general manager, isn’t totally averse to the idea of trading the top-3 protected draft pick during the offseason. Of course, the Lakers will know their fate on May 19 during the NBA Draft Lottery. If the Lakers fall out of the top-3, they lose their pick. If they luck out during the lottery, certain teams could come calling with blockbuster offers.


There is a 44% chance Lakers don’t keep their top-3 pick. They have a 20% chance to secure the No. 1 pick. According to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, Kupchak has said “there are more than 2 potential All-Stars in the coming draft. If LAL keep the pick (56%), (they) could take a top 3 guy or trade it.” Of course, Kupchak was referring to Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons as the potential all-stars.

Here are three possible trades that the Lakers could explore for the top-3 pick:

Jimmy Butler

It’s very obvious that Butler’s status as the franchise player came into scrutiny in the just-concluded regular season. For starters, Butler and coach Fred Hoiberg have publicly criticized one another.

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Earlier this week, Bulls GM Gar Forman said in the team’s exit press conference that a Butler trade couldn’t be ruled out and that the two-guard was not a part of the “untouchables list”. In other words, Butler can be had with the right offer.

Suggested Trade: Lakers package Jordan Clarkson and the draft pick for Butler.

DeMarcus Cousins

Has there been an offseason over the last 3 years when Cousins wasn’t a part of trade discussions? Cousins is a perennial trade target and the recent sacking of George Karl means that Sacramento will need a new coach.

What if the new coach isn’t willing to put up with Cousins’ disciplinary issues? Since Cousins was drafted, the Kings have sacked as many as five coaches. Perhaps, the next one would want to start afresh in a team without the disgruntled center.

Suggested Trade: Lakers package Lou Williams and the draft pick for Cousins.

Kyrie Irving

Earlier this year, ESPN’s Stephen A Smith reported that Irving wasn’t happy taking “a backseat” to LeBron James in Cleveland. Also, Irivng’s representatives and inner circle reckon that the superstar point guard needs to be the primary focus of the offense, a luxury that hasn’t been afforded since James returned to his hometown franchise last season.

Last month, Smith reported that if the Cavs don’t hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy in June, either Irving or Kevin Love would be traded.

Suggested Trade: Lakers package Jordan Clarkson and the draft pick for Irving.

Who should the Lakers try to acquire with their prized top-3 pick?

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  • cJinL

    You really think Lou Williams and a draft pick are enough for Cousins? Even if the draft pick is top 3, that’s the best center in the league right there.

  • GWPtheTrilogy

    All of these teams would be idiotic to trade one of their best players for one Lakers player and one unproven top 3 draft pick. Jimmy Butler for Clarkson and a draft pick? Cousins for Lou Williams and a draft pick? If i’m the Lakers I take any of these trades and run, no way any of these teams do this

    • cool

      that jimmy butler for clarkson is plausible. cousins for lou is not

  • Moose

    Lakers got nothing to trade, may as well disconnect the phone and save some cash for FA if any fool is dumb enough to want to go there

  • Gregory Young

    Those are terrible trade suggestions. I would not be in the market for any trade until I found out who I would get in the draft. I would not trade Simmons or Ingram with Clarkson for any of the players they suggested above. Those above players are not going to make you an instant competitive team for the championship. That is a longer and broader process. Unless it was Step Curry, I am not making those panic type trades. And Curry would never get traded right now.

  • Jay S

    Trade Swaggy pee, Robert Sacred, Ryan Kelly and the draft pick for Jimmy Butler and then get two more decent free agents and we have a good starting point for the new Laker Era that is on the horizon.

    • AirunDevon

      You must be smoking rocks if you think that gets you Butler. LA is going to have to give up Russell, Lou Williams and the pick to get Butler. People have to remember the salaries have to match also.

      • ISrael

        Salaries do not have to much. Since the Lakers will have money to spend they can take on Butler’s contract without a problem. However those 3 scrubs wouldnt get you a decent role player lol. I would trade the pick, Randle if Bulls would prefer him and Lou throw in Anthony Brown which looks like a promising role player.

  • AirunDevon

    Jimmy Butler for Russell, Williams and the draft pick.

  • Radar Blip

    These articles are just click bait. This writer has every NBA star going to the Lakers. If you throw enought you-know-what against the fan, something has to stick. Anyone can make up these scenarios. Pathetic.