Lafayette Theater Shooting Update: Gov Jindal Declares No Motive Or Explanation For The Incident

Lafayette Theater Shooting Update: Gov Jindal Declares No Motive Or Explanation For The Incident
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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said the rationale behind the gruesome shooting at Lafayette Grand 16 theater remains unknown even after the authorities rummaged through the suspect’s car and hotel room and after speaking with suspect’s relatives.


“There is never a good explanation for why these things happen, these senseless acts of violence,” the Governor said, “I think in this particular case the explanation will be even less satisfying than in other cases based on what they’ve learned by just talking to family members and processing the hotel room and the car.”

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Lafayette Theater Shooting As Told By Survivors

In a report form CNN, 59-year-old John Russell Houser, who was among the people inside a theatre showing “Trainwreck,” stood up as soon as everybody was settled and shot 13 times. As people panicked in leaving the premises, Houser joined the crowd but as soon as he heard the sirens from the approaching police, he went back inside and committed suicide.

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Houser’s rampage took away three lives and wounded 10 others. Among the authorities that responded to the incident was Colonel Michael Edmonson who was quoted with questions, asking, “Why did he come here? Why did he do [this]? We don’t know that.”

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Jindal believes Houser did not specifically target the moviegoers inside the theatre. Reports say the suspect “was a drifter” who stayed at a motel but had a family in Louisiana.

Although the reason for heading for Lafayette is yet to be known, police found clues inside his motel room, proving that the shooting spree was not spontaneous. Inside his room were glasses, wigs and some disguises. He even replaced his Lincoln Continental license plate, news said.

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Jindal, who is running for presidential seat urged everyone to pray and showed courage amidst the fear among the residents. “This is an awful night for Lafayette, this is an awful night for Louisiana, this is an awful night for the United States. But we will get through this.”