Lady Gaga Joins Forces With VP Joe Biden To Fight Campus Rape

Lady Gaga Joins Forces With VP Joe Biden To Fight Campus Rape
Lady Gaga performing at SEE Hydro in Glasgow, UK in Oct. 19, 2014. marcen27/Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

Lady Gaga and Joe Biden are working together to raise campus sexual assault awareness. The vice president chose Lady Gaga to help him carry out his “It’s On Us” campaign because he knows how brave the singer is.


The pop star and the vice president will stage a rally at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on April 7 to raise awareness on the campus rape and sexual assault. The issue has become a pressing concern for the nation.

Billboard reports that Lady Gaga and Biden will highlight the need to prevent sexual assault on college campuses.

The paths of the artist and the politician crossed at the Academy Awards in February. Biden introduced Lady Gaga, who performed her Oscar nominated-hit, “Till It Happens To You.” The song raised goosebumps that night, since its message on sexual assault is so powerful. It left a mark on viewers, especially those who experienced sexual assault in school and outside of it.

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In 2014, with President Obama, Vice President Biden launched the It’s On Us initiative emphasize collective responsibility when it comes to campus sexual assault cases.

Too often, female students get assaulted yet find it hard to get the justice they deserve because they are made to feel solely responsible for what happened to them. Many cannot find it in themselves to speak out or tell on their abusers for fear that they will be the ones ridiculed and shamed.

In his interview with Billboard magazine, Biden praised the Lady Gaga. “She’s a survivor who has the courage to speak out, and I know how difficult that can be.”

The rally planned by Biden and Lady Gaga is more than timely — it’s necessary. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month after all, and one of the greatest issues today is campus rape and assault. Female students, especially those belonging to racial minority groups, often ended up assaulted — physically and emotionally scarred in institutions they should feel safe in, ideally.

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, there are several activities that people can join to help the cause. Check them out here.

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