Lady Gaga Commits Driving Violation Two Weeks After Getting Driver’s License

Lady Gaga Commits Driving Violation Two Weeks After Getting Driver’s License
Lady Gaga Sarah Ackerman / Flickr cc

Lady Gaga was so proud and ecstatic when she got her driver’s license. Her post her social media account even showed her kissing the ground after she was handed her license.


She was even praised for pursuing her dream of being able to drive legally. Dr. Nancy Berk, a psychologist wrote on her page that adults should get the same attitude.

She Fought The Law, Law Won

Mirror reported those two weeks after her license was released were spent on joy rides. However, the bliss of driving freely was thwarted when she was pulled off by police authorities.

According to the Daily Mail, she was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon when she was halted by a police officer. She shared her violation again on her Twitter account. It was for driving without a plate.

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In her post, she seemed undeterred by the encounter, sarcastically calling it a Big Deal. She also revealed the reason as to why she was driving her red truck without a plate. It turns out she has yet to receive the plates for it.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga was not nominated alongside Diane Warren for the song “Til It Happens To You.” Warren was nominated for Emmy awards for Best Original Song sans the “Bad Romance” singer. Many wondered about the nomination which was solely under the name of Diane Warren.

Television Academy rules say that “The minimum cue sheet percentage for eligibility is 20 percent.” Both singers agreed that Warren gets 90 percent and Gaga gets 10 percent. Hence, Lady Gaga was disqualified to be included on the entry form.

Warren informed the public that the “Poker Face” singer has participation on the song. Six months ago, songwriter Linda Perry insisted that the singer only changed one line on the contested song. She also questioned her inclusion on the Oscar nomination.

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