LA Clippers Unveil New Logo, Hit The Streets Of Town

LA Clippers Unveil New Logo, Hit The Streets Of Town
LA Clippers game Josh McConnell / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

On a sizzling Thursday, Doc Rivers was seen shaking hands and clicking selfies with Clippers fans, who turned out in a huge line outside Pink’s, the beloved Hollywood hotdog stand, as the Los Angeles Clippers unveiled a new logo.


”Thanks for the support, really!” Rivers shouted at the fans holding the new T-shirt, draped in red bearing the new logo.

For aggressively marketing their new logo, the Clippers hit Los Angeles streets and South California, reaching out every corners from skyscrapers to beaches, disseminating thousands of T-shirts and tons of free food. Apart from Coach Rivers, owner Steve Ballmer and a number of former stars took part in the campaign to show off their new look.

”We want everyone in L.A. to feel they can cheer this team and be behind it,” said Gillian Zucker, Clippers’ president of business operations. ”It’s not necessarily about the brand, but it’s who’s wearing it. It’s a high-character team.”

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These cosmetic changes are the latest steps of a well-conceived transformation of the franchise, which emerged as title contenders from a struggling team after Ballmer paid $2 billion. Under former owner Donald Sterling, the Clippers had developed a reputation as continuous losers for almost three decades.

Overshadowed by the 16-time champions Los Angeles Lakers in a basketball-crazy city, the Clippers are trying to develop a passionate fanbase and international reputation riding on the stardom of Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan.