Has Kylie Jenner Gone Overboard With Her Pets?

Has Kylie Jenner Gone Overboard With Her Pets?
Kylie Jenner via Facebook

After rumors surfaced saying Kylie Jenner has been mistreating her dogs due to photos that show the ribs of one of her Italian greyhounds, the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star posted a video on social media account that attests herself as one of the best pet lovers in the industry. Really?


As reported by MTV, LA Country Animal Control received a complaint regarding Kylie Jenner’s Italian greyhound Bambi, which apparently had poor health due to the visibility of its ribs. Since then, people have been bashing the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star because of her poor pet-caring skills.

However, to her defense, Tyga’s girlfriend posted a video of herself taking care of the dogs on her personal site. In fact, the video shows that the actress feeds her pets only with organic food. Furthermore, it also shows that the puppies only drink purified water from a filtered faucet and eat coconut oil to maintain a shiny coat.

Consequently, dog experts also attested to TMZ that Italian greyhounds, the breed of Bambi, are generally and naturally lean. They also attested that they did not see anything out of the ordinary with Jenner’s pooches.

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In other news, People reported that Jenner also faces other struggles in her life, especially keeping her transgender father at bay. During last Sunday’s episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Caitlyn Jenner gifted Kylie with a rather unusual gift – an underwear that had her face on it. Provided that Jenner is famously dating rapper boyfriend Tyga, the reality star told her father that it was absolutely inappropriate for her to wear, to which her father agreed.

However, Caitlyn offered to give the gift to someone else since Kylie looked like she didn’t want it. Kylie Jenner then automatically said, “No! I want them.” Way to go, dad!