Kyle To Develop Romantic Feelings For Ricky In ‘Home And Away’

Kyle To Develop Romantic Feelings For Ricky In ‘Home And Away’
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The upcoming storyline is hinting towards a romantic hookup between two of the hot stars of “Home and Away.” Kyle Braxton is all set to develop romantic feelings for Ricky Sharpe. The duo has grown closer since the presumed death of Brax.


Ricky has been quite helpful for Kyle through some of the problems in his personal life, and that may make Kyle develop feelings for her. Kyle is fresh out of a relationship with Phoebe Nicholson. “Home and Away” spoilers suggest that she will be losing their unborn twins due to a complication in her pregnancy.

When Kyle becomes upset with the news, he finds comfort with Ricky and her son Casey. He will be spending more time with Ricky as the feelings will now be stronger. However, he will also be curious about Ricky’s relationship with Nate. The upcoming episodes will show Kyle questioning her about it.

Ricky and Nate share a great bond with each other. However, after the one-night stand with Kat, Nate is now more prone to setting up a future with the lady. The question remains quite daunting for Kyle at the moment in “Home and Away.”

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Nick Westaway, who plays the character of Kyle, said, “It’s a dark time for Kyle because he has lost his brothers and the love of his life in Phoebe, who he once proposed to,” adding, “He had a glimmer of hope where he thought he would be a father and he has lost that as well. Out of the dark place he has found himself in, Kyle has found something solid.”

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