Kurt Angle vs Cody Rhodes: Know More About ‘All American Dream Match’ Between Ex-WWE Stars

Kurt Angle vs Cody Rhodes: Know More About ‘All American Dream Match’ Between Ex-WWE Stars
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Cody Rhodes is not totally out of the wrestling scene. The former WWE star has opted out and is taking control of his career. His free agent status allows him to pretty much dictate what he wants to do, a big risk even for a proven star like “Stardust”.


Right now, Rhodes is gearing up for his big match with Kurt Angle – another independent wrestler. Angle still has a lot of gas left in his tank and has proven his stock. While Rhodes has been under the WWE banner for quite some time, his decision to move forward will be closely monitored.

Wrestling is not the only thing that Rhodes is into, as he is set to appear opposite Stephen Amell on “Arrow.” With plenty of things on the table, only Cody knows if this is the right thing to do or not.

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According to his interview with Ring Rust radio, he believes that he has garnered enough years to go out on his own. As a free agent, he can wrestle anywhere. Among his stops include Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerilla and then that acting gig on “Arrow.”

Will he be back in the WWE?

Rhodes may have opted to follow his dream a bit too early, especially with the WWE in the midst of a revamp by splitting its two shows – Raw and SmackDown. If there was any opportunity for him to rise, this could have been the best time.

But then again, the WWE had kept him in cold storage for so long that no one could blame him for wanting to explore the waters. At 31, he still has a long road ahead and that is put to the test at the Northeast Wrestling against Angle.

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The future may look murky for the son of the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes but life is about taking chances. Right now, Cody Rhodes future will depend on how he handles it.

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