Kristen Stewart Slams The Kardashians

Kristen Stewart Slams The Kardashians
Kristen Stewart Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Kristen Stewart is definitely not happy with Kardashians. As reported by Hollywood Life, in a recent interview, she slammed the TV family. She may not be the only hater of Kardashians, but she is definitely a prominent one.


In the interview, she mentioned, “People who are interested in selling a life as if it’s a comic book story? It’s just money, money, money, money.” She may not have mentioned any names but said, “It’s just bullshit distraction, and a lot of people make a lot of money on that, because we wanna get distracted.”

Kristen is not the only one who blasted the Kardashians. Amy Schumer calls them terrible role models, while Farrah Abraham said that the family is famous because of Kim’s sex tape with Ray J.

While talking about distraction, Kristen mentioned how she gets distracted. She said, “I danced the other night, and it felt so f–kin’ good. And it’s so not like me. I envy people like that so much,” adding, “I’m pretty physical, but I really need to let myself go. Honestly, I just wish I could f–kin’ dance more. That’s all.”

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While in a conversation with E! News, she mentioned that she just needs some time to relax and rest. “I just worked all year on a bunch of different things. So right now I really don’t want to work for quite a long time.”

Poor girl Kristen really wants a break. “I really really tired myself out. I need a break.” Is she planning a vacation soon?