Kris Jenner To Cash In On Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Wedding

Kris Jenner To Cash In On Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Wedding
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Wedding costs a lot of money, but not if you are a Kardashian. Instead, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s wedding may even fetch a lot of money for the Kardashians.


The wedding that is supposed to be as big as Kim Kardashian’s or even greater, can fetch the reality family a lot of money. A source close to the family explained to Rader Online, “Rob and Blac can really make a lot of money with Kris.”

Being the momager, the source said Kris Jenner has a.big plan to make money off from the whole event. “She knows how to make sure they get paid for every little thing and to make sure their show is super profitable,” the source explained.

Reportedly though, Kris Jenner also has some positive feelings about getting Blac Chyna into the family. The source mentioned, “Kris sees that Blac brings a whole new dynamic to the family. This engagement is crazier than anything any of the other kids have done and this will destroy the other weddings in the ratings if she gets them to do the right show.”

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There is a lot of scandals involved in the relationship and the Kardashians will be cashing on them for sure. Blac is the mother of Tyga’s son who also happens to be the boyfriend of Rob’s younger sister so the drama is massive here. Hollywood life has already reported that Blac does not want Kim to be there at the wedding as she does not want anyone else to take the front seat.

According to the source, “Kris is a genius when it comes to cashing in on scandal and this relationship is the craziest of all of her kids.” The list of invitees will be extremely lucrative to look at and you never know, there may well be a drama surrounding the same.

The source presumes that the wedding will be a huge windfall for the Kardashian family. The wedding may present the wedding as special episodes of KUWTK.

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