Kris Jenner Afraid Of Taylor Swift But Not Selena Gomez

Kris Jenner Afraid Of Taylor Swift But Not Selena Gomez
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Can a mother and “momager” go against her own daughter? Kris Jenner certainly proved she can when she chose to side with Taylor Swift and condemn Kim Kardashian for picking a fight with the singer!


While Kim Kardashian was busy building her own line of allies (read Calvin Harris) to back her claim that Taylor Swift was a “liar,” she was wholly unaware that her own mother was plotting to backstab her and planning to join Team Taylor!

Unlike her daughter, who is too obsessed with having the upper hand in her feud with Taylor Swift, Kris Jenner, being in the PR game for decades now, know that waging a war against the singer and her all-mighty camp could mean the end of the Kardashian clan as we know it.

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This is why Kris Jenner is not missing out on any opportunity to sweet-talk Taylor Swift, reports Radar Online. Recently in an Australian radio show, “Kyle & Jackie O,” she referred to the “Bad Blood” singer as a “lovely girl” and slammed the haters who are against Taylor Swift dating Tom Hiddleston.

In order to give Kim a reality-check, Kris has also reportedly banned her from mentioning the name “Taylor Swift” on her reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

This was a conscious decision taken by the momager to keep her daughter away from the trouble that she can end up facing if she invokes the wrath of the Taylor Swift camp.

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Kris Jenner, however, is not that afraid of going up against Selena Gomez, it seems. According to Hollywood Life, Taylor Swift’s BFF has been on Kris Jenner’s target ever since she swore while defending her best friend on Twitter saying that people should not waste their time and energy talking about things that were not that important in the first place.

“Kris Jenner is obviously on her daughter’s side and thinks what Selena wrote about the situation is none of her business. Kris thinks if it ‘didn’t f*ck*ng matter’, then why is Selena commenting on it?” an insider added.

Kris’ stance could not have been more confusing as she has apparently supported Taylor Swift but slammed Selena Gomez in the same breath!

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