‘Koutetsujou No Kabaneri’ Season 2 Status: ‘Attack On Titan’ Getting In The Way?

‘Koutetsujou No Kabaneri’ Season 2 Status: ‘Attack On Titan’ Getting In The Way?
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Now that Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) has concluded with an explosive twelfth episode, anime fans are now clamoring for a second season. Unfortunately, after the recent announcement of Attack on Titan season 2, all hopes of a Kanaberi season 2 seem to be fading.


Wit Studio, the animation company responsible for Kabaneri, plans to release Attack on Titan season 2 in 2017. The date is considered overdue by many, as the delay may have been the result of the studio focusing on Kanaberi, a material that is not based on a manga. Now that the latter has concluded, the studio, as well as director Tetsurō Araki, can now focus on Armin and his fellow Titan killers.

Production of AoT season 2 decreases the chance of a Kanaberi season 2 happening anytime soon. The soonest we could hear about it could be somewhere between 2017 and 2019, especially since the budget of the company needs to be allocated as strategically as possible. With people expecting a better, more explosive season of Attack on Titan, it is only natural for Wit Studio to pour all their resources into this project alone.

After the finale aired, people tweeted their thoughts about the episode. Some were satisfied; others seemed vastly disappointed. Some, though, prefer to see more Kabaneri than Titans.

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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is set in an alternate shogunate Japan taken over by zombie-like creatures called Kabane. The story tells how Ikoma, a young engineer, transforms into a Kabaneri (half-human, half-Kabane) before meeting Mumei, an equally strong fighter with a mysterious origin.

With Koutetsujou no Kabaneri season 1 ending on a happy note, showing the train leaving with the rest of the characters (minus one casualty), are there still possible storylines the writers can explore?

See the trailer of season 1 below.

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  • erenjaeger-225

    hahah are u kidding me with those 2 tweets? The ending of kabaneri was predictable and mediocre. Whereas the guy who said kabaneri > aot is dumb as hell cuz clearly he loves 2 dimensional characters with predictable cliche personality. Also, aside from the beautiful animation of kabaneri all thx to the director tetsuro araki, the story of kabaneri is lacking as hell, kabanes themselves aren’t as interesting as the titans nor is their biology.

    • Mystogan

      He also said “More interesting conceptually, much more likable characters, better action & story, etc” LOL can’t take it seriously when there was basically no actual plot other than killing to survive and Biba wanting revenge. AOT is much more than just surviving. Likeable characters? Ikoma was basically shouting and crying, Mumei was being dumb during the ending and who else is there to care for…

    • RinB

      It had more than just the animation going for it… The whole steampunk setting was great, and it had an interesting world that should have been developed more. But then they went had the most generic, cliched archetypes for characters, a forced plot line that no one cared about (Biba? Seriously?), and it just totally shit the bed by the end. What a shame.

  • Mystogan

    LMAO Crapaneri was so bad when Biba was introduced get that weak shit out of here.

    • RinB

      The whole Biba thing should have been completely left out. He was completely unnecessary and just bogged the whole thing down by turning it into yet another weak ass revenge plot anime. With a great post-apocalyptic steampunk setting and unusual enough premise – there should have been more than enough story to be told about the refugees’ journey to a new home, while stuck on a train in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and forced to rely on Kabaneri for protection, who they know little about and don’t fully trust. That way they could have focused on creating atmosphere and tension, while keeping the story character driven.

      Sigh. Such a waste.

  • Glenn Ray Brooks

    The Biba thing kind of messed up the rest of the show . He seemed to just mess up stuff just to do it, or at least went overboard with his vengeance.

    I feel like if this had more seasons to do other plot points, (ikoma and mumei finding a cure, Exploring the rest of the world outside of Japan, Manage to cure/kill all the other kabane etc) then it could get better