Kourtney Dumps Scott Over Pictures With Ex Chloe Bartoli

Kourtney Dumps Scott Over Pictures With Ex Chloe Bartoli
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It’s over for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. Kourtney has officially declared their separation.


Even in the earlier days the relationship was far from going smooth, but what made Kourtney decide to make the final call was the shocking picture of Scott with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli taken in Monte Carlo that surfaced the last weekend.

The intense partying ways of Scott had started to take a toll on their relationship for quite some time now; according to reports, Scott did not even visit their family home in Calabasas in over a month. After the too-much-cozy pictures of Scott with gorgeous Bartoli came on the surface, Kardashian took her stand to not entertain the party-fueled Scott in her house anymore by officially declaring her decision.

Kourtney and Scott have three children: Penelope (2), Mason (5) and Reign (6).  She got tired with Scott’s ongoing drama involving the kids and at the end, she had to take the hard decision to ensure the best for her children.

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The report that brought up the new scandal also claimed that Scott was already aware of the fact that things were not right between him and Kourtney. But he just did not care. He reportedly even told people in Monte Carlo that now he was “newly single.”

According to Hollywood Life, Scott has already cut off all communications with the Kardashians as well as the Jenners. Kourtney felt betrayed over Scott’s PDA pics with Bartoli, and earlier, she also confided to a friend that she believed Scott was cheating on her.

Scott’s ways with women have always been a strenuous point in their married life. In March 2015, Scott even checked into a rehab located in Costa Rica and released a statement saying that he realized his problems and he was ready to work on them. However, his work did not last long, and he reportedly left the facility within 12 hours of checking in.

We should not encourage a breakup, though this split might be good for both people involved as well as their three children. However, Kourtney seems to have taken the separation quite well. She has been posting happy photos of her and her kids during the long weekend.