Kohl’s Extends Same-Day Delivery Service To Six Cities

Kohl’s Extends Same-Day Delivery Service To Six Cities
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It seems that the same-day delivery service is doing well for Kohl’s as it has decided to extend the service to six more cities with the help of crowdsourced partner Deliv, which prides itself in being a “last mile delivery company.”


Recently, Deliv announced that Kohl decided to extend their partnership by offering same-day delivery in six more cities through them. These include Boston, Brooklyn/Queens, Los Angeles, Miami, Northern New Jersey and Philadelphia. Currently, Deliv is making same-day delivery for Kohl’s in San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area as well as Chicago.

Last September, Kohl’s had revealed it was in the process of testing a same-day delivery service for customers’ online purchases in selected markets. At the same time, Kohl’s also made some digital enhancements to its online store to allow for an easier and more personalized shopping experience. This include a store mode on the Kohl’s Mobile App that allows customers to search the store inventory and even have in-store promotions applied to their online purchases. In addition, Kohl announced that online shoppers can make purchases at Kohl’s online store with Apple Pay.

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Meanwhile, Kohl’s same-day delivery means customers can purchase countless items using their smartphone or tablet then select the same-day delivery option. All purchases will be delivered to the customer later in the day.

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Kohl’s is a specialty department store with 1,164 store locations across 49 states. Moreover, the company has presence in 17 markets.