Kobe Bryant’s Analysis Of NBA Finals Game 3 Is A Summation Of Truths

Kobe Bryant’s Analysis Of NBA Finals Game 3 Is A Summation Of Truths
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NBA’s five-time champion has a lot to say about Game 3 of the NBA Finals, where the Cavs won it over the Warriors, 96-91.


Though away from the limelight, Kobe Bryant still managed to say a thing or two about how LeBron James was leading his team to their championship title.

James was earlier criticized during the Playoffs for creating an isolation possession strategy, which left doubts in the minds of fans as to whether it would work against the powerhouse Golden State Warriors.

In response, Bryant said in an interview from Sina Sports, published on NBC Sports, “I don’t really think it matters,” he said before Game 3,  “Because what you’re trying to do is, you’re trying to create mismatches. So if LeBron can catch the ball and face up, and command two to three guys, now you have spacing on the weak side. So it really doesn’t matter. If you have shooters and guys that can make shots that are comfortable catching and shooting without a lot of movement, then I think they can get away with it. They just have to keep the game close.”

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Bryant tweeted about Game 3:

There is no denying that Bryant knows what he is saying after 5 NBA championships. If there is anyone more accurate than any analyst out there, it’s him.