Kobe Bryant Hat Worth 38K Sells Out In Hours, Nike Declares April 13 As Mamba Day

Kobe Bryant Hat Worth 38K Sells Out In Hours, Nike Declares April 13 As Mamba Day
Kobe Bryant 24 Karat Gold Fitted Cap Lakersstore.com / Official Lakers Merchandise
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Kobe Bryant will bid adieu from the sport on April 13 in a home game against the Utah Jazz. As expected, the Los Angeles Lakers are cashing in on the departing legend’s exit, with a host of impressive merchandise that are selling like hot cakes.


Lakersstore.com launched the all-new 24 collection on Wednesday. The most striking item was the 24 Karat Gold Fitted Cap priced at a whopping $38,024. Here’s a description from the website: “The cap is embedded with 3.5 ounces of gold plated “24”, with the Lakers logo embossed throughout, accompanied by a snakeskin visor. A combination of the Gold Cap’s finesse and eloquence truly captures the essence of a legend.”

Guess what? It sold out within hours.

Striking stuff…

The limited-edition items, conceived by Anschutz Entertainment Group, which runs the Staples Center and its merchandise, includes an array of striking merchandise including snakeskin texture jerseys worth $424, a limited edition 24 Stoned Lambskin Jacket worth $5,824.00, a farewell season 24-karat gold medallion worth $10,024 besides a commemorative flashed gold coin worth $48.24.

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Though extremely overpriced, these items are selling out quickly. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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According to Sean Ryan, vice president of AEG Merchandise, the merchandise is symbolic of the bright lights of L.A. and the larger than life personality i.e. Kobe Bryant.

“This city (Los Angeles) is all about spectacle. Derek Jeter might have represented the blue-collar people of New York, but Kobe is more about showtime, so we had to think of diamonds and gold,” he said.

As per an ESPN.com report, Bryant’s newly floated company, Kobe Inc., will receive an undisclosed cut of each sale. Even though many of the items are extravagantly priced, Ryan & Co. have ensured that there’s something in for everyone. For example, the attractive liquid metal caps priced at $82.48 or $72.48, which feature various of Bryant’s accomplishments.

Nike honors Kobe Bryant, declares Apr 13 Mamba Day

Nike, who have been associated with Kobe Bryant since 2003, announced Thursday that April 13 will be commemorated as Mamba Day.

“More than 200 Nike-sponsored athletes across sports will wear black and gold shoes over the next week in homage to the five-time NBA champion. Athletes mentioned as participating in a Nike release include Rory McIlroy, Mike Trout and Carli Lloyd,” according to an ESPN report.

The celebration will coincide with final day of Kobe Bryant on a basketball floor as the Lakers host the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. Are you planning to splurge some hard-earned savings on these items? If yes, do it fast, because these items won’t last long.

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    MAD RESPECT to whoever paid 38 g for this. Must be the biggest Kobe fan in the world.