Kobe Bryant Is ‘Mentally On Another Level,’ Says D’Angelo Russell

Kobe Bryant Is ‘Mentally On Another Level,’ Says D’Angelo Russell
Los Angeles Lakers Michael / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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He annoyed the Los Angeles Lakers’ fans by saying Tracy McGrady is his best in NBA history.


D’Angelo Russell poured water on the fire by saying veteran Kobe Bryant is “mentally on another level.” That surely contradicts his earlier statement.

The Lakers drafted point-guard Russell as second overall pick as they saw a “budding Kobe” in him. In Russell, they discovered Kobe’s mentality. And Russell has tremendous respect for Bryant’s mental toughness and preparation.

“I always preach, I didn’t get here from being the most athletic guy, the fastest guy, the tallest guy, or the strongest, I got here from my mind.”

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And, that’s also what he respects so much about Kobe Bryant.

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“That’s something when I watch Kobe interviews or listen to Kobe talk, he’s mentally on another level, when I listen to him, I relate to that,” sadi Russell in Lakers.Com.

The fans will cheer on such revelation.

Russell seems to be on point. Although developing a Kobe Bryant mentality is easier said than done. He didn’t have a decent summer league outing at Vegas, messed it up trying too many things and failed to catch up with the speed of the game. But that’s not a big deal. What really matters is whether he can apply the lessons in the coming NBA season.

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