Kobe Bryant Fan Sells All Valuables To Buy Ticket To His Final Game

Kobe Bryant Fan Sells All Valuables To Buy Ticket To His Final Game
Kobe Bryant Shea Huening / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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How far would you go to be able to watch NBA superstar Kobe Bryant’s final game live? Well, one determined fan is selling anything and everything she could to make that happen.


With the price of a much coveted ticket to the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Utah Jazz game at the Staples Center going up to as much as $10,000 days before the game, Lainey Mulligan has decided to put a lot of things on the line to get even the cheapest ticket. Whatever it takes, she’s selling a lot of her precious stuff to be able to see Bryant take to the basketball court one last time.

Mulligan is actually no stranger to raising money. In fact, she has done it before. Back in February, she started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the cancer treatment of her much beloved puppy. On the page, she made a heartfelt appeal saying, “We can’t lose him yet. Please, any amount helps.” The goal is to be able to raise $800 and so far, Mulligan has managed to reach $60. Clearly, an appeal like this works but it may not work fast enough when you’re trying to catch a game. Perhaps, this is why Mulligan has decided to find another way to be able to pay for a ticket.

According to a report from The Orange County Register, Mulligan has sold a number of valuable items to be able to buy a ticket to the historic Kobe Bryant game. It helps that she’s in possession of an official replica of the jersey Bryant wore when he was still playing for Lower Merion High School back in 1996. In her younger days, Mulligan bought it for $65. Now, she’s she contemplating on selling it to be able to go to the game.

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Putting that thought on pause though, Mulligan decided to sell other items first. Taking to Craigslist, she started offering a 32-inch flat-screen television along with two iPhones and a number of True Religion jeans. She believes these are enough for her to earn about $850 to get a ticket.

Hopefully, Mulligan would makes some sales real soon. As of the moment, the cheapest ticket to Bryant’s final game has already gone up to $900.

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