What We Know Today: Miss New Jersey 2013 Cara McCollum Dies At 24, US & Russia Working To End Syrian Conflict, Missing Radioactive Material Found

What We Know Today: Miss New Jersey 2013 Cara McCollum Dies At 24, US & Russia Working To End Syrian Conflict, Missing Radioactive Material Found
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U.S. And Russia Work Towards A Ceasefire In Syria


The U.S. and Russia are coming to an agreement, at least when it comes to reaching a ceasefire in Syria. The said country has been rife with violence for some time now, leading to a high civilian death toll among its local population.

According to a statement from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, both the U.S. and Russia are calling all Syrian parties and its regional states to work with them for “immediate cessation of violence and bloodshed in Syria.” Moreover, the agreement also works to put in place the UN-facilitated political transition process in the country. And at the same time, it is hoped that this move would mean that aid can be distributed to more citizens, including those under control of regional states.

The said agreement also calls the “proportionate use of force” or simply using “no greater than required to address an immediate threat” if acting on self defense.

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Missing Radioactive Material Found

The radioactive material that had gone missing in Iraq has finally been found, putting an end to speculation that the stolen material had been acquired by ISIS.

According to officials, the radioactive material in question was found in the southern town of Zubair where it appears to have been dumped near a petrol station. According to a report from Reuters, the radioactive material was found still stored in its protected case, which is about the size of a laptop computer. No sign of damage was found on the package.

Miss New Jersey Cara McCollum Succumbs To Car Crash Injuries

Miss New Jersey of 2013 and SNJ Today Lead News Anchor Cara McCollum passed away after suffering a serious vehicle accident a week ago. Her family confirmed that she died in the operating room surrounded by her loved ones. She was 24.

On February 2015, McCollum had reportedly been driving her Mustang when the car ran off the road in Salem County, hitting a tree then spinning before crashing into two more trees. State police said that it seemed she had been driving too fast for wet road conditions, according to Variety. Nonetheless, police also said that alcohol or drugs were not a factor in the accident. McCollum succumbed to injuries about a week later at the Cooper University Hospital.

Upon her passing, SNJ Today issued a statement saying, “She was a part of our news team family and we are gratified to have worked with her – even for such a short time. We will miss her terribly.”

McCollum is survived by her parents, brother and boyfriend, Keith Jones. Her family says she made a decision to become an organ donor before she died.

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